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The following international programs are performed in the Faculty of Dentistry, Hiroshima University, every year.
In addition, biennial or non-regular programs are also held.

International Dental Course Program

Outline of International Dental Course

Faculty of Dentistry, Hiroshima University started International Dental Course in 2011.

International Dental Course provides studies of dental medicine to both Japanese students and international students (from Asian countries having a serious shortage of dental professionals). For the first few years, we will accept a dental student from each of 3 overseas Universities with academic exchange agreements.

The establishment of International Dental Course aims to found the basis to educate prospective personnel capable of taking leadership in Asia, as well as to foster persons with international way of thinking and global understanding through international exchange at the undergraduate level.

Program contents are as follows.
1.Faculty of Dentistry Hiroshima University accepts the first year students for the Course starting October. After 6-month of Japanese language training and basic education (October-March), the students will take core subjects for dental program; frontier dental science program or clinical dental science program; and preliminary clinical training as three and a half - year program (Figure 1). After completing the program, they will conduct necessary clinical training and take the National Examination for Dental Practitioners in their home countries.
2.The students will take lectures・seminars・practices with 2nd year Japanese students from ‘first’ April of International Dental Course (Figure 1, 2).
3.Lectures are basically carried out by using English-Japanese dual linguistic education system for lectures・seminars・ practices with Japanese students.

Screening exam information for International Dental Course:

  1. Applicants for this course should be over 2nd year students who finished the 1st year education in their home countries.
  2. Students recommended by the oversea Universities will take an interview / English evaluation test and submit an essay on future perspective.

Short Exchange Programs

This exchange program is performed between Hiroshima University, Faculty of Dentistry and overseas Universities with academic exchange agreements.

From HUD

During the vacation periods, HUD students join international activities outside of Japan (e.g. dental care support services/ summer programs in sister schools etc.).

Please contact HUD student support office (*For HUD students).

Into HUD

We (Hiroshima University Faculty of Dentistry) provide this short exchange program (including some lectures, seminars and practices) twice or thrice a year. With international dental course opening, the class using the English-Japanese system will be increased.

*Notice:We (Hiroshima University, Faculty of Dentistry) will accept dental students from Universities with academic exchange agreements.
Please contact us “through your school’s staff.”



Dental care support services in Cambodia

We have developed dental care support services in Cambodia. Students, faculty staffs and alumnus etc. have made a support team in partnership with Hiroshima prefecture government and Hiroshima NPO from 2009. We visit elementary schools and villages in Cambodia where people have a serious shortage of dentists. We provide dental treatment there. Moreover, we put a lot of effort into oral hygiene instruction for prevention. In cooperation with faculty of Dentistry in Cambodia, local hospitals and Cambodia government, we have extended this activity.

Young researcher strategic overseas dispatch program (JSPS, 2011-) 

Young Faculty members in HUD are dispatched to research institutions, such as an overseas university. We have expected to develop the farther cooperation of education and research and to cultivate researchers/ educators for the new era "through the activation of the international brains circulation."

Hiroshima Conference

The 5th Hiroshima Conference on Education and Science in Dentistry will be held on October 12-13, 2013 in Hiroshima.
Please check the detail information on the following URL.

International university exchange seminar in Hiroshima

International exchange university seminar outline(57.5KB)