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Globalization is the word referring interrelationships of economy, society, technology, culture and politics driven by movement of people, money and information across borders. It is a trend of the times and we cannot go against it. Globalization induces integration and interaction of human society and has significant impact on a variety of business field. Dental practice also has not been immune to the trend. Following European Union, ASEAN has already concluded mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) for a variety of occupations including dental practitioners and labor market will be freed up in 2015. Dentists accredited as agreed in the MRAs will be recognized in all ASEAN member countries and will be able to work in any member country. This conclusion is based on the hope that all people in the Asia will entertain quality of life through improving oral health and leveling of the life standard. Japan, a member of Asian countries is now facing the overwhelming wave of such globalization and we are inevitably required to fulfill partnership and leadership in Asia.

When international accreditation starts, the most important point is high global standard of quality education. Quality education is critical and fundamental condition to succeed in keeping high standard of dental practitioners across the borders. Another important point is the English language skills. In the globalization world, there is no doubt that English is the working language.

Our school concluded to take a position of Asian hub of education and research in dentistry and to play a pivotal role in raising qualified students who meet international standards. We started to accept Asian students and introduced Dual language program (English and Japanese) at School of Dentistry since April 2012. These are just beginning of undertakings to nurture global leaders or scientist in dentistry with the skills they need to create a new future of the Asian region. I strongly wish our graduates to build up a path towards mutual coexistence and prosperity in the globalization world.

Motoyuki Sugai
Dean, Faculty of Dentistry