What is ICDD?

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What is ICDD?


Department of International Collaboration Development for Dentistry (ICDD) was established in Hiroshima University, Faculty of Dentistry on April 2011.

We address to following questions in the field of medicine and dentistry; “What is useful to brew of cosmopolitan outlook of students and faculty staffs?", "What is collaboration?", “What should we do in order to strengthen the power corresponding to globalization?” and “What can we do to develop leaders and networks in Asia?”  We have roles as members of the committee to "planning, doing, checking and acting" of international programs between HUD and oversea Universities.

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We join to plan, to manage, to do and to assign international programs of Hiroshima University, Faculty of Dentistry with the oversea Universities.

Our mission is to support cultivating the ability to understand and respond to “what happens in the world and what is needed.”

Lectures & Seminars, 2012
  • International Collaboration Development for Dentistry
  • Introductory Japanese Culture
  • Overview of Dentistry
  • Life Science
  • Summer Exchange Program
  • Autumn Exchange Program
  • Winter Exchange Program
  • English Presentation (Graduate School)


We do researches related to development of the educational program or an exchange program, its assignment and evaluation.

  1. International dental program collaborated with Asian countries
  2. English-Japanese dual linguistic system
  3. Short and long students exchange program