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Essay from SS6Month Program 2015 student -Kiki-

This is an essay from Kiki (Indonesia), a student of SS6 months Program 2015, to this website .

Nurul Aisyah Rizky Putranti (Kiki)

Coming to Hiroshima, is the right decision that I take even if I have to postpone my clinical practice for 6 months.  This exactly the most valuable thing that I could experience in my life. I really received so many thing while joining this program. Not only about the study but also about life lesson. Before  coming here, I never thought about study aboard and living far away with only myself without my family in another country. While staying here, the times taught me about how to act myself independently, Japanese people taught me about how precious the time is, the peoples from different country taught me how beautiful the difference is, every kind person that I met, taught me how important to respect each other, all the new friends I knew taught me about friendship, the beauty of happiness we can spread from the laugh together we had and all the professor at Hiroshima university taught me through their enthusiast lecture and research, about never stop learning, searching and give to the world something new.  If I not join this program, I would never think about my future goal of 10 years later and the importance to face our each country problem in the field of dentistry and find the solution, through the discussion I had at world cafe. During this program I also able to see the clinical practice hospital system especially in the field of dentistry through the early clinical exposure class, this class made me realized that my future profession is related to human that we have to treat carefully and fairly. And the luckiest thing that I experienced is, I was able to enter a major operation room and see the operation of the cancer directly. We also had an academic activity at outdoor when we visited an elementary school. At there we give them a dental health education as an oral health care promotion in dual language, English and Japanese, and also have lunch together when the lunch time is come. The kids also taught me about we must act responsible in everything and again, playing with the kids  taught me about it is ok to have a break time for a while.

Living in Hiroshima also bring me the nostalgic about the beauty of the four season Japan. When autumn come, every corner of the city will be full of orange-red color and even if winter is really cold, the beauty of the snow somehow will bring us smile in our face. Hiroshima’s weather is so nice and the air are so clean so at the sunny day we can see the beautiful sunset in here. I love the fact that we could travel anywhere inside the city with only bicycle because the street is really big and every scenery also beautiful. I really enjoyed every second living in here, this is exactly, the experience that I would never regret to choose. Thank you ICDD, thank you Hiroshima university and thank you Hiroshima, I will coming back again really soon.