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Essay from SS6Month Program 2015 student -Dita-

In 2015, we had 6 international undergraduate students with SS6M program from Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
This is an essay from Dita (Indonesia), a student of SS6 months Program 2015.

Dita Nur Azizah (Dita)

This is my first time to visit Japan. I felt so excited that I will stay in Japan for 6 months, not too short and not too long for stay in other country. First impressive after arrived in Hiroshima was beautiful city and nice environment because not too crowded but still complete facilities.

In Hiroshima, I have many Indonesian friends and also my sensei from Airlangga University. They really help me a lot about many thing about Hiroshima and they are my family in Hiroshima. So, stay in new country, I didn’t felt too hard because I have many Indonesian friends that help me to adaptation in Hiroshima.

In this 6 month programs, I am joined with 3rd grade class (Seminar class), together with International students and also Japanese students. Because of International students joined with Japanese students, so the teachers explained with two languages, Japanese and English. I was able to understand all the explanation and also learned some Japanese words from the teachers. I got a lot of knowledge and experiences, especially in research field. We had many presentation and report based on International journals and textbook. In class, we practice to speak in front of class through the presentation, group presentation and personal presentation. To became more closer with Japanese students, we also mixed group members between International students and also Japanese students.

Not only lectures and seminar, but also practice such as Prosthodontic Practice. In that practice, campus already provide all of the equipments that we need. The facilities in practice room also prepare in good condition. In that practice, I got a lot of knowledge. But the most impressive thing is about the habitual of students after finish the practice. All of student need to clean the practice room together, help each other to keep the practice room clean

Other experience that I got, is about season experiences. I come from Indonesia, country that only has two seasons, so it was new experience for me to stay in Japan that has 4 seasons, summer, autumn, winter and spring. The first time I am arrived in Hiroshima was the end of summer and will enter the autumn season. So the weather was good enough, not too hot but also not too cold. Stay in Hiroshima for 6 months, gave me experiences about the end of summer, autumn, winter and the early of spring seasons. I am so excited because finally I was able to saw beautiful scenery of colorful leaves in autumn and snow in winter. Because the cherry blossom flower will be blossom in the end of March and maybe I cannot see the cherry blossom, but I felt so happy because I was able to saw Ume flower which also beautiful.

Another experience that I got from 6 month programs, is about friendship. I got a lot of new friends from other countries. We spent our time together in Hiroshima like celebrated Christmas and End Year Party with International students, had dinner together with International and Japanese students, visited Miyajima Island with International Students, and many more.

Japan known as country with many beautiful cultures. Through this program, I had experience to tried Japanese traditional costume “Kimono” and also visited Hiroshima Castle to learned about the history of Hiroshima. I am also had experience about tea ceremony.

Through this program, 6 month programs, I got a lot of knowledge and also experiences that really useful for me. It was really great experiences for me. I hope that someday, I can visit Hiroshima again with myself better than now.