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Essay from SS6Month Program 2015 student -Minh-

This is an essay from Minh (Vietnam), a student of SS6 months Program 2015. He joined 3rd year program class etc. of School of Dentistry in HUD.

Dear Hiroshima, one part of myself

Now I am staying in the boarding lounge to wait for the flight to Vietnam. Finally, a beautiful dream is finished, its time to return to the real life. Someone may ask me that why you leave Japan too early. Actually I slept too long, and learned many precious things. So now, I just want to apply this knowledge immediately.

Applying JASSO scholarship is a great decision. I have safety. Everything is always available. I had time to discover myself. Beside textbook, I also read novels, religious book, motivation-creating book and soft skill book which never happens before. I had a lot of teamwork tasks and outside activities which help me to know my advantage and disadvantage. I also had many international friends who help me to have different visions to myself. There are professors and teachers who are likely mediators. They help me find my hobbies and my ambition in dentistry. I cannot exactly describe how I changed but I believe this trip reconstructed me.

After 6 months Minh is not Minh anymore. That is the reason why I want to try the “new Minh” in the previous condition as soon as possible.

I will miss Japan, my close friends and respectful professors. I promise that I will be back in a near future.

Thank you very much.

Bui Hoang Minh (Minh)