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Essay from SS6Month Program 2015 student -Linh-

This is an essay from Linh (Vietnam), a student of SS6 months Program 2015. She joined 3rd year program class etc. of School of Dentistry in HUD.


Thanks to JASSO scholarship and the collaboration between Hiroshima University and University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City, I have opportunity to join in 6 month program. This’s really a good chance for me to get closer to Japan – my admirable country.
The first thing I learn from this trip is not from any lectures, but from Japanese. I learned Japanese characters, the things I only read from newspapers, magazines, and books in my country. Japanese is quite shy, but honest, friendly, kind, and polite. They helped us a lot when we were finding the ways, products, and many other things. I had chance to talk to one Japanese, and he’s very friendly. At first I just greet him by saying “Konichiwa” (I remember the first day I was taught that you should greet anyone you meet in campus), and then he replied me cheerfully. But because of my bad Japanese, I couldn’t talk much to him even though I met him some times on my way to university. I was helped many times by good–hearted Japanese, too. That’s why I’m really appreciate their kindness.

I joined in many classes and received many knowledge from many departments in Hiroshima University. I’m really impressed by English skill of teachers and how they taught us. The way our teachers taught us is not only give us knowledge but also encourage us to learn and discover more. I like the education here because we are taught about basic knowledge, some interesting topics, and what we have to learn by heart is not too much. We should understand. Understanding is better than learning by heart because if we understand, we’ll remember it for a long time. In dental research seminars, we are taught about some interesting mechanism, journals, researches, and books. Teachers also invited their student to their departments to help them with their incomplete researches. That’s why the teachers’ lectures are really interesting so that students are attracted and join that department. In some lectures of core subjects, beside of going to classes to listen, we are sometimes asked to write reports as homework. In practice lectures, teachers are so kind that when we have troubles, they’re willing to explain and teach us again. That’s very kind of them. The examinations we had are quite hard but very nice. I like the way the teachers give their students questions. They give us mall questions but sometime we need to understand more than learning by heart to solve them clearly. We are not only taking part in examinations but also presentations. This one is very special for us because it’s the first time we work in teams (sometime alone) to make the files, then present it in front of classmates and teachers. The presentation must be easy to understand, but the paper we use to present is not. They are journals of many researchers in the world. We had to work hard together to give the best presentations as we can do.

During the time we stayed in Hiroshima City, we ar e not only taught about knowledge but also Japanese and Japanese culture. Hiroshima University gave us the best opportunities to learn Japanese as well as many chance to join in many conferences, festivals, and museums for free. That’s why the our Japanese skill are improved a lot, and now we can communicate with Japanese using some simple sentences.

We now knew more about Japanese culture. We do love it. We love Japanese students, too. Thanks to them, we could study better, had many good memories, learned more from their good characters, and got closer to them.
This scholarship helped me to improve my English skill and got many friends, also. They’re friends from many countries such as Taiwan, Brazil, Indonesia, Tai, and Cambodia. We helped each other and shared many memories, too. Now I knew more about the culture of these countries.

These knowledge is a new motivation for us in the future. I could compare with the knowledge I’ll received in my home university to see what I should learn more and improve more. I’ll also change the way I study after this course. I hope that it’ll work well. Because of learning Japanese here, I decided to continue learning Japanese after coming back to my country. For me, new language is a new exciting challenge.
Before taking part in this trip, I’m always finding the way to complete myself. Luckily, I found myself here – in Hiroshima University, and now I know what I should do in the future.