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Essay from SS6Month Program 2015 student -Bright-

This is a final essay from Bright(Thailand), a student of SS6 months Program 2015.

Sukhontamala Phuanglerngsri (Bright)

Hi, My name is Bright. I’m Thai dental student from Khon Kaen University who attended to SS6months Program. I came to Hiroshima since 24th September 2015 with have no preparing Japanese so well. I’m really thankful to all kindness of Japanese people who gave a hand for help, who encouraged me to keep fight, who company me journey, who entertained or held the party including who taught me knowledge.

I had first orientation, I was nervous with happy that I met sensei and international friends. We had a lot of activities have to attend such as orientation lecture, Hiroshima conference, international new year party etc. so we got chance to acquainted each others. Moreover, cause of assignment brought us to get more closed by decoration of entrance white board, video presentation along with   newsletter that we used to help together. Until now I can say ICDD we are not friends but we are family.


Due to I was the one who chose course A or 2nd year dental program. It was not big problem because some international student from different generation also attended same class. We studied together when I or someone doubt in the lesson, we usually discuss what we curious. Sometime we shared  guideline from our senior we got. They are regard as my family same because ICDD is no boarder even we came from different generation.

Not only international friend I had, but Japanese student in my classmate are be my friend also. I was touched how cheerful they are. Some subject like Basic practice of anatomy or Dental materials and devices practice, I and them had to study as a individual group. Even we had some trouble communication between Japanese and English, It isn’t big problem to be friends because I and them would try anyway to convey until we understand each other. I learn new Japanese vocabulary from them. I had lunch outside nearby campus. I joined both before and after party with them. Travelling with them I think I will miss them when we apart.

About study life, I was enjoyed myself every time during studying here, Does dentistry faculty here is difficult? I can reply you honestly yes, of course. I think dentistry faculty in each university also difficult same, I studied hard but I was still fine and enjoy studying here as I mention. Every time I wore white gown it sign me know that It will be have something fun soon by high tech equipment. Some special lecture have interesting model for study that I could understand readily. Moreover, handout I got also easily to understand from explanation of sensei. If sometime I doubt, I usually met how kindness of sensei by clarified me again so clearly. No doubt that I impress education system in here.

Study hard, Play harder. I traveled many place in Japan and join activities a lot from campus also include i-house too. I feel really happy since I came here and finally I knew already that Japan fascinate me.