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Essay from SS6Month Program 2015 student -Lala-

It has passed almost a hald of a year since SS6 months Program 2015 finished. We had 6 Asian dental students for the program 2015.
This is a final essay from  Lala (Indonesia), a student of SS6 months Program 2015.

Amalia Ayu Zulfina (Lala)

When I arrived in Hiroshima, I had already enjoyed the weather which was quite cold but comfortable one. So many things that I could notice that they were different from what’s in my country has. Besides the weather, the technology of public facilities also got my interest. The government set up the public facilities really well, which help people to do their activity easier. Vending machines everywhere and convenient public transportation are the simple examples and they are existed in here as Japan is a developed country.

I am grateful for this chance to be here, to study in Hiroshima University in 6 months exchange program. This university has a good atmosphere to study, which is also supported by some experienced lecturers, many facilities and friendly staffs. Actually during my study here it was quite different with my study at Indonesia, we learn more in research field here while in Indonesia I learn clinical field in dentistry. This difference gave me an opportunity to find out new things here, which hopefully I can share it to my friends in Indonesia. During my study in Hiroshima University, I also got facilities that support my study here. The most important one is bilingual learning. It was my first time to have bilingual learning, which none of the language is my native language. Fortunately most of the classes were also given in English, so I could understand it.

I really had a great and unforgettable experience during my stay here. Besides studying dentistry, I also enjoyed studying Japanese language. It was my first time to learn foreign language after English, and it was interesting. The more I know some Japanese words, the more I want to apply it with others. I also love to talk with Japanese friends here who really appreciate us if we talk in Japanese language. I can either learn two different languages in one moment, English and Japanese.

Not only in academic activity but also social activity that gave me many lesson that I have learnt. I have a lot of international friends who came from many countries. They are not only from Japan, but also from Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Taiwan, Brazil, Nepal, and Bangladesh. We made a good friendship, we share each other about everything, discuss about the dental subjects, study together until midnight, and absolutely have some memorable party. They are more than friends for me, they are my new family. I may say thank God for everything that I have got in Japan, I hope someday I will be back again with new story.