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Report-33h Annual Meeting of the JDEA-

We joined the 33h Annual meeting of Japanese Dental Education Association (July 4-5, 2014) in Kokura.We made five presentations about evaluation/ assessments related to HUD international programs there.

Oral Presentation B-18: Assessment of Japanese-English dual linguistic education system at HUD-Study on the factors students expect for the present lectures/ practices-
○Hiroko OKA, Suardita KETUT, Thao PHUONG NGUYEN, Takashi TAKATA
Oral Presentation B-19: Assessment of Japanese-English dual linguistic education system at HUD-Feedbacks from the lecturers about present conditions and handlings-
Motoyuki SUGAI, ○Hiroko OKA, Ketut SUARDITA, Phuong THAO NGUYEN, Takashi TAKATA, Koichi KATO, Hiroki NIKAWA

 Student -c: The activity in a primary school by dental students -An extracurricular activity
with HUD regular program students and international undergraduates-
○Minami KATO, Kana OKAMOTO, Karina ERDA SANINGGAR, Nadia KINANTHI, Nguyen THI DUNG , Hiroko OKA, Takashi TAKATA

Student-d: Views of dental students in the home countries of International Dental Course student-Survey for dental students in Airlangga University, Indonesia-
○Yukako TAKIGAWA, Minami KATO, Tomoyuki TANJI, Suardita KETUT, Hiroko OKA, Takashi TAKATA

Student-e: Hiroshima University Short-term International Study Program”Overview of Dental Sciences” 2013 for mutual exchanges
○Kana OKAMOTO, Hiroko OKA, Takashi TAKATA, Motoyuki SUGAI

IP-01: Effects of Web learning on understanding level of international students
with a short-term exchange program at HUD
○Hiroko Oka, Ketut Suardita, Takashi Takata

IP-02: The Assessment of the Academic Performance of International Dental
Course Program Students at Faculty of Dentistry Hiroshima University
○Ketut Suardita, Hiroko Oka, Takashi Takata